Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Dry skin causes problems for one in four people of varying degree. Dry, aching skin can make us feel hot or cause it to be painful to walk as the skin may tear. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to deal with dry skin.

You’d be surprised what you can use lying around in your home to help alleviate some of the difficulties of dry skin. For anyone who’s interested in having beautiful, moist skin, read on to find out what home remedies you can use to prevent it!

Use Insulated Gloves

We’ll start with the some of the easiest preventative measures to stop you from having dry skin in the first place. Insulated gloves can be used when you need to clean the house. Cleaning products can cause dry skin, so it is best not to touch anything with your bare skin when using them.

You can even use insulated gloves when you’re out and about as they prevent your skin from drying out in the heat. If it isn’t hot outside you, probably don’t need to worry about doing that.

Humidify the House

Using a humidifier in your home moistens your skins through water particles in the air. If your skin is drying out while at home, humidifying the air should reduce the problem if not totally prevent it.

Drink Water

Another means of humidifying your skin is to drink more water. Water is essential to your health for many reasons. When it comes to allergies, dry skin, or anything in this kind of category, drinking more water should help.

Avoid Using Hot Water

Showering with warm water is perfectly fine but be careful not to turn the temperature up too high. If the bathroom is steaming up after a while, then you’ve got the temperature too high.

Although showering relieves your dry skin for a while, as soon as you get out of it the water will evaporate from the surface of your skin, leaving it even drier than it was before. Instead, shower with warm water and refrain from staying under the water any more than 10 minutes.


If you’ve used all the preventative measures and still have dry skin, you should use cream to moisturize your skin. You can use things such as coconut oil or petroleum jelly in the meantime as these will help your skin.

There are a variety of effective creams that will erase your dry skin and leave you with beautiful, soft skin very quickly. These work wonders for your skin as they smooth it out as well as moistening it enough to stop it from drying out or cracking.

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