Drug Addiction: Dangers to Your Body and Mind

You may not notice at first, but addictions have a severe negative impact on your body and mind. Some addictions may seem harmless, and you might think that you can end them whenever you choose, but the longer you wait to do something, the higher risk there is of something devastating happening to your health.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the more serious harmful things that can occur to your mind and body because of your unhealthy addictions. I hope that you will be encouraged to do something about them once you realize the gravity of the situation.

Serious Physical Effects of Addiction

Addictions come with many smaller effects like coughing, shivering, and so on, but if left for too long they can also have very dangerous effects that will damage your overall health. Here are some of the worst effects that come from addiction:

  • Heart Failure – Stimulant drugs, such as cocaine, make you feel as though you have much more energy in a day than you would without them. However, the longer you take a stimulant, especially if you end up increasing the dosage, you run the risk of your heart failing.
  • Liver Failure – Addictions such as alcohol and painkillers have a heavy impact on your liver. If you leave these addictions unchecked for too long, your liver may fail completely. In other words, overuse of painkillers or overdrinking can kill you.
  • Kidney Failure – Your kidneys are very important for the regulation of the liquids in your body. Drugs such as heroin can devastate your kidneys to the point where they cease to work at all, forcing you to have a kidney transplant.

Serious Mental Effects of Addiction

  • Anxiety – Anxiety may seem like a typical mental illness that many people have. While that is true, a drug addict can develop severe forms of anxiety which can get bad enough to cause a heart attack in time.
  • Depression – When you first take a drug, the euphoric effect makes you feel on top of the world. Unfortunately, as the drug wears off your mind enters a depressive state. Each time you take a dose, the impact it has on your mind gets worse. Eventually, your depression may become so severe that the idea of not getting your next dose makes you suicidal.

These are just some of the multitude of negative effects that come with addictions. You should look into the 3 vital ways to defeat drug addiction if you are having trouble. If you’re addicted to something right now, no matter how severe, seek professional help immediately before it becomes too late!

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