Hey there! My name is Claribel Mills and I am the founder of Stummandat since 2010! My personal goal to empower people to take full responsibility of their own health by rethinking everything we have assumed to be true about wellness and health. Moreover, I want to reach out to those who are struggling to live more natually through practical tips that I will be sharing here.

Stummandat is not just merely a health and fitness hub for information, it is also a vibrant virtual community with the help of my readers which I am truly thankful for!

While this site is dedicated to ancestral health principles, there’s something for everyone, regardless of diet and fitness philosophy, because the Sturmmandat believes that it is all about eating real, unadulterated foods that enhance optimal gene expression, engaging in functional and playful fitness that builds lean muscle and maintains ideal body composition, and practicing supportive lifestyle habits that foster stress-free, joyful living.

I want to share my experiences to get to this place of happiness and balance with a lot of fun along the way. I will be talking about food and fitness as they are part of our lives. However, this blog also encompasses other areas of our lives from self-love, beauty, familial love, overcoming our battle with binge eating and horrible body image. I talk about a lot of things that might make others feel uncomfortable but I like to keep it real with pure honesty.