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1st Error Of Unholy Necromancer


On the night of 29-30 June 2013, at 24:00 hrs Central European Time (GMT+2) let us meet HERE and watch live streaming of the final part of the Necro-performance pentalogy - 5 Errors Of The Unholy Necromancer!

Unholy Necromancer is a audio / visual act, making live performances on concepts of inner collapse, meta-physics, black humor, and tragedy, where the irony and means of expression barely balance on the edge of absurd. 

The duo first disappeared in late 2007 after their first performance at the Evil Year's Eve celebration on the night of 01.01.2008 in Riga, presenting a mind-bending act with disturbing noise ambient and experimental electronics. Continuing the vanishing cycle, the two gave a performance in an old 19th century cellar under an industrial  festival premises (Kūcvāls in Auce, Latvia), simultaneously projecting the bizarre happening on screen upstairs, where the audience could but suspect the close presence of the impersonators, judging by the rising odors from the cellar, that corresponded to the action on screen. Another error was acknowledged in ex-Factory Elektra in Riga, where the ongoing mute act supported by harsh sonance commenced both on stage and in the freaky factory attic with both characters interacting via video stream, gradually moving the action to the remote attic for the audience to follow on screen.

Each of their 5 appearances, as designated "errors", and are counted in alternating succession. Errors are never repeated. This is the final error. 

Set your alarms to the zero hour.