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THINNER - Submission To Hazards

[1]  Approved by majority
[2]  Powerdose
[3]  Learn from the animals
[4]  Two kinds of people
[5]  Chemical distortions
[6]  Equivalence
[7]  Not real
[8]  Stropa behres I
[9]  Stropa behres II
[10]  Witches
+ Curriculum Vitae (video) 
thinner - submission to hazardsORDER

This is a pulsing elektroise charge with ten projectiles of grinding beats, caustic tunes and noxious verbal messages + video. Heeding senseless acquiescing to throes for 'greater good' - a job that gets on your nerves and wastes your life, relationships with people you are 'forced' to have, reconciliation with removable evils – hazards we all submit to.

Mandat Nr. 33 // CD digipack // Price: 10.00 €