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Contemporary corporative media have a tendency to arrest society’s attention and when it is captured - infect it. This is an ideal environment for cultivating phobias and panic, when the infected individual gets in contact with environment, which doesn’t correspond to the coded standards of security. STROPS (bee - hive) is occupied with breaking these codes, using the unused arms of media arsenal for creating new space, where these arms are turned against their creators.

lineup: Stropu Jurka, Arkls

years active: 1998-2008

STROPS Likuma Burts  2007

[1]  Outside frozen soil advances   
[2]  The dots   
[3]  Dust flows over barricades   
[4]  First to the fist - the man and the word!   
[5]  Nine heads lied in heath   
[6]  Bitch - Front   
[7]  The regime of apathy   
[8]  Law's letter and servant   
[9]  Thru corridors of justice   
[10]  Weaved from sweat

strops likuma burts

A torn out page of a lifetime log. the era put upon your sholders to fracture barricade down to the core of indifference. the law disintegrates words and puts them back together again for the comfort of its own self-sufficiency. words calcificate the pavement and it ceases to be red and saline. words written in a language of defeat...but a reminiscence of the LETTER OF THE LAW.

Mandat Nr. 21 // cd digipack // Price: 12.00 €


Kapotie Raksti

[1]  3 saujas smilšu graudu  
[2]  Ziemeļu kapi  
[3]  Klapans  
[4]  Uz saulaino krastu  
[5]  7-3-1  
[6]  Phobotheke [baiļu krātuve]  
[7]  Nāves fakts  
[8]  Pa cēlo  
[9]  Dogma  
[10]  ...tāpec, ka KNAUZERA domas ir melnas un STROPA gars balts...

strops kapotie raksti

Contemplation of death from different angles. A dualistic conception portrayed through diverse filters of experience. Energy becomes peace, and exhaustion - laxity. This is an interactaction of two projects that enhance each other due their sonic roots.

Mandat Nr. 18 // cdr jewelcase // NOT AVAILABLE


Kolektīvisma Teorija

[1]  Viskoze ievadīšanai  
[2]  Jauna suga
[3]  +++
[4]  Šūnas
[5]  +++  
[6]  Hipnobauda  
[7]  Par cilvēkiem kuri nira betonā  
[8]  +++
[9]  Sēkla  
[10]  +++
[11]  Sindroms LV-1984  
[12]  Viskoze izvadīšanai
[13]  +++

strops teorija

Illegal trip in time and space, that draws analogue sound paralleles between G. Orwell's work "1984" and Latvia in 1999. An intermediate between utopia and reality. Transcendental ambient composition with tranquilizing intonation. Sombre string harmonics, distorted crepitation and cold noise breezes with interludes of imperative allocution.

Mandat Nr. 17 // cdr slim // NOT AVAILABLE


Slepenie Rotaļlaukumi

[1]  Melnzeme [hxg]  
[2]  ...azarts...  
[3]  Rotaļlaukums  
[4]  sLaVe [strada, perc, mirsti.]  
[5]  Novirze  
[6]  ...deport...  
[7]  Vārda teritorija [mech.]  
[8]  Vārda teritorija [verb.]  
[9]  Kā rūdījās bernība  
[10]  Tetan [8]  
[11]  Slepenie rotaļlaukumi  
[12]  ..Ar pirmajām asinīm  
[13]  Kontrole  
[14]  Nekusties!  
[15]  TV-Alhalla  
[16]  Korpusi [feat. BARODARHO]

strops slepenie

Complete cycle of all six sufferings in 16 episodes from a new lv industrial recruit. The multiform debut embraces both home listening and club-oriented material thus offering a polychrome sound spectre of cryo-ambient vibes with metallic percussion stinges, harmonic key sections and drum'n'noise elements, all interlaced by lyrics of dramatic doom. Listen and bleed.

Re-released on: Old Captain

Mandat Nr. 13 // cdr // NOT AVAILABLE