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Artists Scripta Sensus

Scripta Sensus

scripta sensus

Scripta Sensus arose in winter 2005 at the gateway of Riga on the, so called, bloodiest rivers circumfluous hillock.
What once was written, doesn’t lose it’s conception of relevance in temporary or spiritual realisation.
Scripta Sensus poetry is spirit, its policy is matter, its nature - love, awaken with a ritual.
Scripta Sensus holds a secret that lies hidden in its music.

SCRIPTA SENSUS Conscious and Unconscious Subjective Reactions...  2008

[1]  Post factum  
[2]  Tolerance  
[3]  Entity, breather and death   
[4]  Mirušās filoģenēzes popūrijs  
[5]  Smashed  
[6]  Hidden under the mask of comrade  
[7]  Dzīvību raza  
[8]  Saga  
[9]  March of events  
[10]  Nightwatch   
[11]  Scripta Sensus  
[12]  Plaything

scripta sensus

Ascetic ambient audio communion deeming the inconstancy of values. Matters of great importance and priority tend to lose their weight under the pressure of unexpected circumstances. Here you have tranquil string vibes, yearning bugles and martial percussion elements with occasionally trolling historic radio and other speech samples from the bosom of Scripta Sensus.

Mandat Nr. 26 // CD digipack // Price: 12 €