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The bloodline of 1308EW83 started pulsing in Riga, Latvia with the fadeout of alternative rock band Mary Jane, when 2 of its musicians split in 1998 and founded Rosewater - initially an industrial rock outfit, which gradually transcended live drums, clean vocals and traditional guitars by way of joining the Latvian industrial action STURM, of which they are by far the best-known act. After some unofficial demos (e.g. ‘No End’ 1999), in the end of 2000 they put forth their first full-wrought effort - Kursk (Sturmmandat 3), full of perfected and abrasive body industrial/harsh ebm dance floor hits. In 2004 Motor Medicine (Sturmmandat 12/Nagual 22) was released - a collection of recordings from years 2001-2003, which sees the band excersising a sort of idm-approach in their impeccable industry. 2006 and it’s time for Bloodcount (Sturmmandat 20) - a massive grinding tour de force, certainly the slowest and least easy-listenable album by RWR so far.

ROSEWATER Bloodcount (audio + multimedia)  2006

[1]  N.M.E.  
[2]  Unbroken  
[3]  On the move  
[4]  Dzelzsbetons  
[5]  Unsoundness  
[6]  Cold refuge  
[7]  Nakts un nāve  
[8]  End  
[9]  Antibody  
[10]  Irreversible Alterations
[11]  Track 11 (Hidden Bonus Track)

rosewater bloodcount

Audio mixture from Rosewater. Analysis of elusory emotion chemistry.

Mandat Nr. 20 // cd digipack // NOT AVAILABLE


 Motor Medicine


[1]  Normality  
[2]  Plastic minute  
[3]  Condomat  
[4]  Perpetual dream state  
[5]  The same  
[6]  Analizer  
[7]  O2  
[8]  Kombikorm
[9]  Infinity  
[10]  Traumtanz

rosewater motor medicine

Electroindustrial hymns for rituals of easygoing selfextermination.

Mandat Nr. 12 // cdr digipack // NOT AVAILABLE




[1]  E.A.R.T.H.  
[2]  Zemitan  
[3]  Quogve procedura  
[4]  A6M2  
[5]  Digital relation  
[6]  Digital relation (part ll)  
[7]  1,2,3,4  
[8]  Random replay  
[9]  TNX  
[10]  Day 2

rosewater kursk

Sheer energy of the young and the spoiled. Electroindustrial debut from darkest heart of concrete voids of Riga. Harsh, quick-paced, noise-oriented and modernized power noise with ebm rhythm.

Mandat Nr. 3 // cdr // NOT AVAILABLE