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Artists Koronar



KORONAR - Biopunk Romantica

[1]  Pestītāja
[2]  Push it out
[3]  Godzilla Baby
[4]  Your light
[5]  Kantaina peža
[6]  Help
[7]  Atom Samurai
[8]  Scratch Me
[9]  Stigmata Plague
[10]  Ministry Of Love
[11]  Biomechanical Research
[12]  Nephilim City
[13]  Lenoras Sapņi
[14]  Nektārs
[15]  Vraks 

KORONAR music is a frantic copulating of rhythmic noise and ambient harmonics. This is an Arthur Berzinsh's prosection of inner contradiction nodus in progress, under a very personal project designation emphasizing a fateful component of the author’s existence -  but a two chamber heart within his chest. 'Biopunk Romantica' is a 70 minutes' sellection of tracks from all sonic output since 1998, where floating audio fractal fibres and clashing rusty mechanisms morph irriversably and mutate with pop, jazz, 8-bit, and other music elements into a new metaphysical effigy. The album features Mora Ergana as female vocalist and guitar manipulations from Herman Rigmants. This biopunk creation has nothing to do with the sci-fi cyberpunk genre branch exploring the social and psychological aspects of gene enginering though. In this particular biopunk concept biology is a contrasting allegory of human metaphisical system, mutual relationships, inner contradictions and survival endeavours in frames of society. It is a revalation, that we are not individual and independent – we all form one organism, a system, a scheme, a framework for ever being entirely interconnected.

Mandat Nr. 32 // CD digipack // Price: 10.00 €