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Artists Kauna Traips

Kauna Traips

kauna traips


[1]  attak  
[2]  v asara  
[3]  79 sekundes  
[4]  attak 2 
[5]  memorials  
[6]  iešaut
[7]  kārdinājums  
[8]  plaukstas  
[9]  m.e.t.g.  
[10]  zīmējot laimi ar grafīta zīmuli +STROPS+  
[11]  cilvēku labā +3oT  
[12]  ave, radionāve! +ZYRNYS+
[13]  metodisks +THINNER+

kauna traips

Experimental dark ambient release by Tarchoks and Koils. It all started in 2006 when it seemed no longer possible to keep holding all this within, partly due to the surrounding environment. Like induction, shame - as masochistic means to feel strange guilt for breaking imagined social and moral constructions, or making them serve another purpose; and conservation of energy - the two minds and bodies, often being intoxicated death close, transforming energy into something else.
A tranquil accompaniment for madness, and information overload, pouring into your consciousness and subconsciousness through every smallest crack.

Mandat Nr. 31 // s/t CD jewelbox // Price: 12.00 €