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Barodarho was formed in winter 2001 and in the spring of the same year they have released their only album so far - "Aarpus" - it is about pain, the blood we have to split, our lust we are ordered to mortify.

In Persian the name Barodarho means “blood brothers”. And project’s line-up consist of two brothers - the younger one Cucmex is responsible for psychopathic industrial music, and the elder brother Zyrnys - is the performer and visual giving of the project. As [+] and [-] come together there is the electricity of each other translation and (mis)uderstanding. The things, which happen during the performances of Barodarho, are not easy to describe, - this is the ecstasy of inner freedom, breaking of all taboos, and real shock for the audience. The basic idea is - to feel inner pain free, for that is the dimension where the master is you.

BARODARHO Triumvirāts  2007

[1]  Pēc goda, pēc varas  
[2]  Bez bailēm, bez naida  
[3]  Tumsa un migla  
[4]  Zobratu paaudze  
[5]  Melnais zelts (Naftinieks)  
[6]  Agresora patvaļa  
[7]  Nāves deja  
[8]  Dieva zēni  
[9]  Invalīds (daktera versija)  
[10]  Sāpes...sāpēs  
[11]  Uz galu  
[12]  Embrija dumpis  
[13]  Pēc goda, pēc varas (video)


A cycle of six years, six months and six days in BARODARHO existence has come to an end with a release "Triumvirats" as the epilogue to it.
This is the anima-union of despair poet Eduard Veidenbaum [1867- 1892] and bloodbrothers Cucmex & Zyrnys in cruelty idealism, for only thus and so can be preserved the visions of justice and the truth...
Dissident of life Veidenbaum's reality phantom in the form of poetry is a prophecy from the past, about the present and the future, and BARODARHO carries this prophecy on with cogwheel notes and cry syllables.

Mandat Nr. 23 // cd digipack // Price: 12.00 €



[1]  Urin  
[2]  Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum  
[3]  Duuriens Bez Asiniim  
[4]  Aarpuss  
[5]  Appist  
[6]  Decimaacija  
[7]  Protokoli  
[8]  Orgasmus  
[9]  Niisti?  
[10]  Barodarho  
[11]  Nordet

barodarho aarpuss

BARODARHO is ancient persian for b l o o d brothers. Blood means pain through joy of unity. All you can define as dark-light side of being is in here. Lyrical and visual art [+] and audio elements of nowaday's reality [-]. The unity of plus and minus: the perpetual battery.

Mandat Nr. 2 // cdr // NOT AVAILABLE